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The day after the fire of April 15, 2019, the Orange Group wanted to actively participate in the collective work of restoration of the cathedral by proposing various aids and projects to contribute to the virtual rebirth of this symbolic place of heritage.

With this special experience, Orange confirms its commitment. Indeed, by joining this adventure, the public will also participate in the funding of the work: 30% of the ticket price will be donated in full by Orange to the public establishment for the restoration of the cathedral and to the Notre Dame Foundation for the financing of the interior renovation of Notre Dame. Each visitor will then become a donor.

The Catholic Church in Paris

The diocesan association of Paris is a religious association. As the structure of the Catholic Church in Paris, it is responsible for the needs related to the exercise of Catholic worship and provides for the diocese of Paris at its own expense.

Public Establishment

The public institution responsible for the conservation and restoration of the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris, provided for by the law of 29 July 2019, was created on 1 December 2019. Placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, it ensures the conduct, coordination and execution of studies and operations contributing to the conservation and restoration of the cathedral.

City of Paris

"I am pleased that the City of Paris brings its sponsorship to Eternal Notre-Dame, which allows Parisians, as well as visitors from all over France and around the world, to discover or rediscover, through an immersive journey, the beauty of this emblem of our shared history.” – Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

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